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Model T75 Imaging Wheel Aligner



  • The Model T75 comes with a four-camera system for faster more accurate measurements.
  • Our two-monitor system included with our T75 allows for rear adjustment with a remote.
  • Our Golden Eye Camera eliminates drive on assistance.
  • The advanced wide-angle camera provides maximum work height flexibility.
  • Our Patented targets precise and repeatable measurements.
  • Dynamic software allows for continuous movement during caster measurement and compensation.
  • Full alignment readings in less than two minutes with our ultra-fast software.
  • Available in multiple languages.
  • Free updates for three years.
  • Complete installation in less than two hours.
  • Remote tech support reduces services calls, saves time, and money.
  • “Black box” technology in the event of failure.

Includes Installation, Setup, Onsite Training & Free Shipping!



What is the Pinnacle Difference? For example, Pinnacle wheel aligner software provides automotive shops with critical data needed to perform a complete and accurate 4 wheel alignment. Not only does our software provide a Standard Wheel Alignment program, Pinnacle goes a step further. The software on all Pinnacle Models also includes our Additional Measurements program. The additional information provided in this program allows you to maximize your shops ability to offer your customer the very best alignment possible for today's hi tech automobiles. Why pay more for equipment that does less?


Another example of the Pinnacle Difference is our targets. Take a look at our Target Illustrated below, as you can see we have a very different approach regarding our vital components and how they are made. We take a hard look at "how can we make it better", so we can provide greater reliability and longer lasting components. Another example is that we require our cameras to be of the highest HD quality available so as to provide maximum performance , while providing the greatest longevity.
Filters - LED


What is the Pinnacle Difference? At Pinnacle we know how bright back light in a shop can effect the cameras capturing target images for any wheel aligner, including Hunter, Snap-on and Hofmann; even a polished floor can cause issues for any imaging aligner. The Pinnacle Difference was to improve imaging in high light situations, so we have added special filters that help to reduce the "back light" that can swamp the camera. In addition, our infrared light system uses 940 lights, while most of our competition uses only 850. Why? This feature has resulted in higher power and less image decay over longer ranges. Infrared light ensures that sunlight is also not an issue.


  1. Tower Mounted Cabinet
  2. 32" Color LCD Monitor
  3. 19" Color LCD Monitor
  4. Tablet Remote Control
  5. PC w/Keyboard and Mouse
  6. Color Printer
  7. 24" Wheel Clamps (4 included)
  8. Targets (4 included)
  9. Brake Pedal Depressor (1)
  10. Steering Wheel Lock (1)
  11. Rubber Wheel Chocks (2 included)
  12. Wheel Clamp Bungees (4 included)
  13. Vertical Column (1)
  14. Camera Bar (1)


T75 Imaging Wheel Aligner Brochure

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