Autel - MaxiFlash Pro
Type of Product: Programming   |  

MaxiFlash Pro

The MaxiFlash Pro Reprogramming Tool offers the most significant features desired by OEM customers: reliability, fast performance, and flexibility. Using the OEM software, this premier tool is capable of providing dealer-level programming capabilities for all makes, all models at an affordable price.

Autel - MaxiScope MP408
Type of Product: Programming   |  

MaxiScope MP408

The MaxiScope MP408 is a PC based 4-channel automotive oscilloscope. It works in combination with your PC or MaxiSys Tablet, which turns into a powerful diagnostic tool, providing you an insight to the inner workings of a vehicle’s electronic circuits. Featuring the user-friendly UI design combined with the unrivalled hardware specs, the MP408 system is able to measure and test virtually all the electrical and electronic components and circuits in any modern vehicles. Power for the MaxiScope MP408 Module comes directly from the USB port of the connected PC, making the system very versatile and portable to use.


• Features one-click auto setup of voltage scale and time base
• Works on all makes and models of modern vehicles
• Compatible with LIN, CAN and FlexRay data bus standards
• Reads and displays electrical signals in high resolution waveforms
• Allows manual editing of measurement parameter display
• Saves and reviews waveform data
• Features color coded 4-channel control panel
• Intuitive UI design features easy trigger point adjustment and real time scale info display
• Direct power supply through USB connection
• Free online software update through the Internet
• Portable design with strong housing and protective rubber boot
Autel - MaxiTPMS TS608 (NEW)
Type of Product: Diagnostics - TPMS   |  

MaxiTPMS TS608

As the first comprehensive TPMS & Diagnostic tool in the market, MaxiTPMS TS608 provides you with superior experience in TPMS health check, sensor programming, TPMS relearn, all system diagnostics as well as special service functions. Equipped with a 7-inch touch screen with 1024 * 600P resolution and a VCI mini for wireless communication with the test vehicle, powered by the quad-core Cortex-A9 processor for smooth operation and featured by advanced TPMS & Diagnostic technology, MaxiTPMS TS608 is setting new standards for TPMS service tools.

Autel - MaxiVideo MV105/108
Type of Product: Programming   |  

MaxiVideo MV105/108

The MV105/108 digital inspection camera is designed to work with MaxiSys series products (except MaxiSys 906) or PC. It turns your MaxiSys tablet into a video inspection scope, allowing you to examine difficult-to-reach areas normally hidden from sight. It is capable of recording digital still images and videos, which offers you an economical solution to inspect machinery, facilities, and infrastructure in a safe and quick way.

DrewTech - CarDAQ-M®
Type of Product: Programming Equipment   |  


Upgradeable to Meet Future Vehicle Technology
  • Easy, plug-n-play, field-upgradeable modules
  • Add new modules as you want… when you want
  • Designed for high performance and durability

Complete Vehicle Repairs

  • All-makes/all-models emissionrelated module programming
  • All-makes/all-models body control module programming for many vehicle makes
  • All-makes/all-models OEM diagnostics
  • Vehicle security professionals/ locksmiths using the NASTF secure data release model
DrewTech - CarDAQ-Plus 2®
Type of Product: Programming Equipment   |  

CarDAQ-Plus 2® Kit

  • Do-It-Yourself Programming and Diagnostics
  • All makes / All Models
  • OE subscription costs vary and are available in different terms
  • Purchase and learn your own OE application

Complete Vehicle Repairs

  • Emission-related module calibration updates for ALL vehicle makes
  • Body control module calibration updates for many vehicle makes
  • OE diagnostics
  • Use with your shop’s PC (cannot be used with RAP® Flash Kit)
  • Vehicle Security Professionals/Locksmi
Schumacher - INC-700A
Type of Product: PROGRAMMING   |  

Schumacher - INC-700A

Constant voltage output selectable from 13.0 to 14.8V DC •
Output current up to 70 amps •
Clean power for flash reprogramming •
Provides power to vehicles on display

Fully automatic operation for 12V batteries •
Works with regular automotive, deep-cycle, AGM, and gel cell battery types •
Variable charge rates 4/20/70 amps •
Digital volts and amps display •
Manual mode with digital timer

120/220 VAC 50/60 Hz Input •
Microprocessor-controlled operation •
Extra-long 9'’ line cord with 20A plug •
Extended reach 9'’ output cables •
Heavy-duty clamps with replaceable jaws •
Large carrying handle
Adjustable mounting brackets for easy installation on most size shop vehicle lifts •
Dual temperature controlled cooling fans •
Durable anodized aluminum case •
Can supply a constant voltage for flash reprogramming •
UL/CUL approved