Software IDC5

diagnosis without frontiers!

IDC5: Full speed ahead!

IDC5 is the latest generation of TEXA’s renowned operating system and another step forward to assist technicians. Thanks to major improvements in code, the new system is faster than ever and guarantees virtually instant communication with a vehicle’s control units.

The graphic interface of IDC5 is designed to resemble the latest consumer applications, simplifying and making the various steps in maintenance and repair procedures more intuitive.

The new “Interactive Wiring Diagrams”* function lets you consult wiring diagrams using animations of a system’s devices and an interactive map generated to show signal flows to and from the control units. Another new function allows you to view and manage vehicle parameters.

These can be displayed in graphic form and can be filtered using text searches or by selecting those specifically required. Even the downloading of updates is faster in the new software.


In just a few seconds, IDC5 provides access to a large number of exceptional functions that guide you step by step towards the correct diagnosis and subsequent repair of the vehicle you are working on. Intuitive software covering all workshop tasks ensures an unbeatable level of customer service.



The amazing TGS3s automatically scans all the accessible* control units on the vehicle. The system is impressively fast in the way it recognises the ECUs and accesses the relevant diagnostics.

On completion of the scan, TGS3s immediately displays any errors detected on the vehicle along with the relevant error codes and descriptions. It also lets you read and reset errors with a single click. You can even run autodiagnostics on selected systems directly from the error detection screen.

*TGS3s scanning may not function with older models of vehicle since previous generation control units may not support the latest scanning functionalities.



The Vehicle check-Up function allows you to diagnose, on many models of the main makes, all the control units with one operation, without having to examine each single system.

One of the peculiarities of the world of industrial vehicles is, in fact, that of having a large number of electronic systems and often different brand control units can be found on the same vehicle with the need for customised diagnoses.

Vehicle check-up satisfies the operational needs of modern electro mechanics since it allows a complete check of the vehicle-s electronic system.



The Vehicle Search function identifies the model you are working on precisely and rapidly. Quick and intuitive, the Vehicle Search function can be used in the following ways:

VIN code search: with the diagnostic tool connected to the vehicle’s OBD socket, this function automatically retrieves the VIN and then selects the model of vehicle from the IDC5 software database.

Engine number search: in this case the vehicle is identified simply by entering the engine number.

Registration number search: this function lets you find and load data for any vehicle saved in IDC5’s Customer Management database, simply by entering the complete or partial registration number.

The Vehicle Search function also lets you run a model-specific scan directly from the vehicle selection menu, just by touching a button alongside the make.



One of the exclusive functions made available for TRUCK and OFF-HIGHWAY sector by the IDC5 software is DASHBOARD, offering the possibility to display the vehicle’s engineering parameters, associated with user-friendly and attractive graphics that reproduce an HGV dashboard, mechanical components and system operating logic.
*Function available for purchase as an app.



IDC5 software for the BIKE and Marine diagnostic sectors includes various functions and configurations that TEXA has developed especially for mechanics working on these types of product.

One of these functions is Global Scan, which scans the entire vehicle, detects all its control units, reads their contents and finds recorded errors for brands like Ducati, BMW, Harley Davidson, Sea-Doo, Can Am, Ski-Doo, Lynx, MV Agusta, Honda and Cummins Marine, Cummins Mercruiser Diesel, Mariner, Mercruiser, Mercury, Mercury Diesel and Mercury Racing on installations later than 2010 and for the SEA-DOO (BRP) brand.



Vehicle systems can be accurately diagnosed and the right model selected in just a few clicks. Simply click on the desired function button, located near the brand, then connect the diagnostic tool to the vehicle.

The software accesses the injection system directly or runs a scan and lists all the systems available for diagnosis. This function is currently available for a number of makes, including Honda and Suzuki.